All about Ornontowice

The Palace Orontowice is in the village/city called Orontowice.
The palace is surrounded by tree´s, and other buildings, nearby but not too close is a road that leads to the local church and local shop.

Ornontowice is in poland, Next to a city called Gliwice (See the area map on the Area map & Contact map for more details)

The Palace

The Palace Ornontowice has 28 rooms, Divided over 3 floors, It also has a basement and it has a tower (So a sort of fourth floor), Renovations are currently being done on the First second and third floor.
The Palace of Ornontowice is a modern palace, There is no way to describe it unless you look at it with your own eyes, Look at the pictures.
The picture below will show you what you can see when you´re up in the tower, The picture doesnt show everything you can see, But it shows abit.

The Owners

The current owner of The Palace Ornontowice is Jack Van Tilburg, He is dutch and comes from holland, He´s married and has 2 children and 5 grandchildren.
For more information about him look on Silberthal and Waldhotels site,and if you want to know about the last owners, and the History to the Palace, Read on the History of Ornontowice which will give you the history of the Palace and the City.


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