History of Ornontowice

History of the Palace Ornontowice

The previous owners of the palace Ornontowice used to be a german family called Hegenscheidt.
Who at the end of the second world war, moved back to bremen, germany.

History of the City Ornontowice and more about The Palace<>

Ornontowice. As silesian historians allude, settlement existed in they XIII century
Poland , which has has undergone as many other cities and several countries, had location on prussian almost < law (as of right) > and it bore german name.
The name proceeded within next centuries) transforming Ornontowice, from german Reinirsdorf and Reindorf, through Rynultowice, Runoltowice, at last Ormontowice, for present name Ornontowice. If it talks about nationality, then our village as well as others were felt with her neighboring, they were and they are living by population polish.

Long was private ownership last year Ornontowice. Owners were changed often, property has acquired in 1883 ornontowicki Wilhelm Hegenscheidt and relatives were last owners of properties .

Local population must be fitted for contemporary situation always, at first be as different you are in feudal conditions, then, endure difficulties capitalism giving birth to (be born). Economic situation has has undergone correction on some time, then crisis has come and joblessness. However, conditions of political lives were worst on this field. People ) were were felt continuously threatened, especially after year 1872, when it has been unleashed germanizacja. There was pole not easy be, however, when it has come for plebiscite, population has been told too polish..

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